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We riding low

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

We riding low , under the night sky of East Los

Just had run in with death, it came close.

He came up knockin and gang bangin at my front door

To test the best , to see, what I’m really down for

I wasn’t born in the "ghetto?"but know I'm still down

I’ll match you head for head,

pound for pound

Meticulous and methodical go my strategy

Obey the prophecy,

the key to the industry


Build it

And they will flock

To the stock

Outlaws riding rodeo bull markets top.

Collage of colors come together making true form

dusk to dawn, overnight we were born

popping up like popcorn

culturally clean, and unworn

like a newborn

before the evils of porn

Its just the way that it goes

around in east los

So raise your glass, your flask,

And make a toast

To the city, the county, the state who rocks the most

Spread like rash

Up and Up and down the coast

earth, wind, and fire

we not for hire

not on sale for political buyers


sneaky little misers

hoarding history behind a safe

locked away inside a case

rapped up under a million mm

of misleadings and red tape

you escape

by denying the truth to the race

you hesitate

you fumble

find your foundation starting to crumble

As you drunk stumble into a humble habitat

Waiting for a rumble

Words cocked back

Ready to blow at the chance

At a grizzly glance

fears got you peeing in your pants


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