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Dream Sequence

Last night I woke up in cold sweat

This dream resets over and over how can I forget.

Same ol dream

Same ol outcome

I shot son

Surrounded by the lost ones.

the rot ones.

It could’ve been me now…

Still I see how

I got out

twas my cali grizzly growl

it was

me, narry neeks,

and the kid,


…how can I forget

its ingrained in my chest

cruising down the block

In the low low,

Pulled up to the shop

In a slow roll

that's when things got out of control.,

evil lurked outside my front door,

At the very last time that I saw my bro

It happened so fast

No time to react

Door open just a crack

We under attack!

wont go down without a struggle

A scuffle erupts and eventually I buckle

From the knuckles

many men …

In a daze, we each handle it our own way,

Bruised and beaten

unlike any other day.

It happened so fast, no time to react

Door open just a crack and we under attack

Scramble run

Scramble right

Fists fly by

Connect to my jaw

But I survive

off my own two feet

I CRAWL across the street

cuz these wounds run deep. . .

deep . . .

deep . . .

I walk into a grey space

an economic enclave

of office space.

Civilization distaste

human disgrace.

I see

fires peak

flooding the city

Out da way cuz its hot

If they see me

I’ll Finally be brought

Rested in PEACE.

not afraid no no not my time

I care for the welfare

of CA hu man kind.


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