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Just Jargon

Hu man ? you

Spits garbage to the nationally

Do we look like niche

to not think rationally?

Just Jargon.

Convince the skeptical deprived of logistical spectacles

blurry sound waves

not seen without C spectacles

Positions nationally have their own take

I am ONE so-cali mind state.

Passion to vision

incision insert me;


One moment in one mind

Somewhere and somehow (sigh),

Something to some type,

innate natural wrongwrights;

True and Comfy C. A. W. P.

Coming to plead

Free from

From governed psychology

Nothing to many

something to one

accumulate ones to few

claim won; fine done.

few minds think alike

arch-ives of insight

write about the left side

fist fight.

Not guilty.

Over and over…

Justice Jargon.

The whole “e”-being struggle,

“new-age” colossal bubble.

Surface tension tipping point,

Pop unto a popped culture.

Just Jargon.

Bubble burst rage

In what age?

Reason 3 ways to say

"rationalized human misbehave?"

peace before violence,

Seek until you sense sense,

“e”-body self es

Murky aqueous.

Purpose in perseverance…

Problems are purpose…

How you handle Honors


"Just Jargon"

Lyrics to impress


word sounds to disguise


messages to prove


murky aqueous.


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