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We Live in this world where nothing seems Real

We live in an world

Where nothing seems real

How does it feel?;

Knowing that you livin

Life surreal?

The strange life

Manufactured “right”

By high-life suburbanites.

How do they sleep at night?

Life twisted

It official

Pop culture traditional

Turning out artifical

Fake in all facets

denying the classic

Look at all those people wearing plastic

plastic was fantastic?

Who said that should have got their ass kicked

Yeah these words are drastic

(But come on)

Surgery to enhance your assets

Don’t make much sense to the confident.

Reality tv doesn’t seem real to me

Staged ego maniacs feed

On the need for “look at me”

I see right through

Virtual world

Internet at the helm

Cant we see the world spiraling down

fast into progress

sense into a senseless

“e”-body self es

murky aqueous


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