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Updated: Oct 11

Are you ready… Are you ready. . .

Lets get it on

In the octagon

Im in charge

Im living large

Im the one bringing a brutal barrage

You cannot dodge

To much for you to handle

Dance around in scramble

Sooner or later

You melt down just like a candle

You Hit the floor on impact

somewhat intact

cracked under pressure

my skills you cannot match

On the ground looking to pound

I’m a hit you

With some jui jitzu

Roll you flip you

Grip you


Constant penetration

Power in pressure

My skill you cannot measure

kill or be killed

skill in the game


My mission



As you squirm

Nowhere to run

Nowhere to turn

Live and learn


Stretching your spleen

You cannot breathe

My Arm deep to

Deplete circulation

Till your weak…

Tight tighter tightest

Time to sleep

In da octagon

martial match in chess

methodically moving in step

test a press

and regress



set pace and power till a break

recycle and reuse

bate toward checkmate

pop drop and stop it

pop drop and stop it

pop drop and stop it

. . .


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