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Updated: Oct 10, 2023

*Type flow

A method of scratching script onto a key board

Elementing lyric and musical tempo into art*

Poetic punching

Can you dig?

A fresh start

Spark the beat

And hear keys clammer

jammer on the key-note,

script walk across my play pound

gracefully sound off on

melodic messages from the ground


life in the fast lane so much better than fiction


for good and bad

is rad


punched poetically into the keypad

typing it up

typing it up

follow my cut

leave nothing to hide

soul source used to rely

one opinion

looking for truth

concerned by abuse toward social youths

question power as power


humble habits of a pauper

that mix made her

that mix wont stop her

To what effect?

Sound effect

Is it real?

I’ve seen it all before?

Evolved his-story

Nothing to a desensed mess

Spiraling out of control into suppose-ed progress

The cost is selective mindset youth


pervade public space

radio waves

its as clear as day

take say (my spray) with the grainest of salts

in stride

you ride

with heart

disconnected from mind

passion is perilous

go ask the hater

Help you, help myself

I made it out of this whole

I waited for 2022 to his tole

I role

Into the holy year

I fear

Nobody I've teared

To many times in doom’s year

The lowest of lows

Depression shows

An evil tempered cold

One life

That wastes time

In the limelight

Preoccupied by the fine sight

Of you

And the way others see you.

WHOOOO R U? [A&W catapillar puffing on a cloud]

not your own person

lost in the shuffle

Delt a hand

Without muscle

No push to pull through the path that you’ve suited

Show flush

Destiny is deep rooted

You Bluff

Ju fucked up

You caught up in chronic puff

To buff you addiction

in excess cripples all walks of life




3 spices of life

but we exceptions to the rule

things need to go wrong before they ever go right.

Things need to come left before we ever go right.

all walks of life

maintain your sanity

to learn all that you aught to be



Understand all walks of life

Respect another position


If its for thee

Fact or fiction

Investigation is the mission

To see all the glories of a





23 coming

throw it up to the sky

hope that heaven decides my survive-val

Of the fittest

i feel you in my bloodstream

22 fallen

I ask for 23 jumpstart

So I can rev my engine

Misfired pistons

Learned to loop in unison

I fin to find

Something giving in this choke hold

Me versus me

In a battle to the death

Life love teaches


Learn to love yourself

a colorful sons to the man

Making sure that father nows best

Eyes and ears to the people



Voice of the people

Eyes and ears to the state

The culture given to the great





Land of opportunity

Show life

What you offer

Proper or poor

A piece of California nationality

with riches galore

Run the streets

Kick and scream

With joy

With judgment

With definition

Will sea

Tides turning in your favor

Ride long

And charge

Your tube

Runs deep

Sucked up

With a splash

Of the many seasons

Of ms. Dash

Newport Newport

Death of Socrates philosophy


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