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Tell a Vision

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Im here to tell a vision> > >

Turn off the idiot box before you’re caught

In the plot to produce empty minded man robots.

Transmitted disease of Media expertise

Trying to freeze society in different schemes.

They think?

What you see is what you need…

corporate greed supersedes rebel stampedes.

Never the truth;

Edit and crop

Artificial thought

Using streaming video

Live shot

Its phony its a fake

Brought about by a corporate snake

Who wants to overtake

your mooshed up mindstate

Age of reality tv

Still I cant see

Any properties

Of its authenticity.

Reality is knowing that nothing is real,

How does it feel

Now knowing you living life surreal?

Stay dumb? stay down?

Pound for pound

Americana has grown

Into the numbest people around.

Shock value all but forgot

While kids rot

without questioning what

prior generations taught.

Media mentality

Clock ticking

Still nobody can see

Cuz we

Blinded by the tv

dooped by corporate tact and

Abused by American mass

And it’s a fact

fight back

Buy and boast this bottom line

Im telling this vision of which is a crime.

Im not lying

Don’t be impressed by this mess spiraling out of control

Into supposes-ed progress.

Im a Tell a Vision >. >. >

Ar you happy with the world of now…no, not me, I cant see how

Im going to“tell” a vision…


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