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POTE crew

We are all Products of our Environments (POTE). Good and Bad so Rad

How you handle honors service.

Walking down the hall

Standing tall

Should have seen it coming

We were about to brawl

Crack, crack on your jaw

Because I love that sound

Crack crack on your back

Because you smoked my sack

Popped you, dropped you

Why you look so stunned?

Should have been so lucky that

I didn’t pull a 31mm

my beater

And I call that bitch Lenore

But if you want it

Then I’ll grab it

And you’ll find out whats in store.

Kicked him one more time before

I fled the scene

That’ll teach you

Not to touch my green.

I’m a lean, mean

Low down dealing machine

Won’t have mercy on a bitch-ass

Until he’s on my team.

I’m a affiliated with some local thugs like me

A group of dirty rotten apples

Fallen from the tree.

Call us CAWPS

And I don’t mean city c.o.p’s

We’re another form of underground military


Laying low under the system with the greatest of ease

On a mission

Doing dishes

Cleaning up the streets

Trying to rid this crazy world

Of all these callous peeps.

We attack

Always keeping our eyes onto the mission

Without sight

We must refer to our intuition

Without might

Well I guess your not the man that I thought

So take a walk

Don’t start to talk

Or else your going to get taught.


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