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Numb Skull

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

I grab my numbskull

a lump swull

Bigger than the rest

cool compress

can tend flesh

as time Resets

A stressed blood stream

Surging in chaos,

Lay off the trauma

cool Calma collected

Like Obama

Temperament burn hot like a sauna

back to full steam then its ona

headed through walls like a jugganaut

forehead to forethought

budding heads with corporate

big shots

Im rock salt!

Im hard and bitter as fuck

I grab my nuts cuz I don’t trusts none of yas

Protect ya neck and nuts

Cuz cuts infect the stuff

That comes raw rouged and rough

like me

artificial mine quarry

fake plastic cellulose epoxy


pennyroyal tea

flabbergast a mind tucked

nipped snipped positioning to be poised

as processed shit

half of a good time


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