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Not only do I lay foundations I RACM up

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Not only do I lay foundations

I Rac M up

Stack M up

Pack M up

Ship M out

Collect my cut

Simple as that

until i die

I always have something to say

my well will never run dry

words flow with fluidity

never been new to me

I’ve been writing since my infancy

born to spill

free verse free will

born to build

mass appeal

for those who

wanna real

West coast rapper

Rooted in rap

A Story-telling lyricist

With a grasp of hip-hops past

I write flows with fluidity its never been new to me

Ive been writing since my infancy.

Venerate the old

In with the new

Who knew

Id be the

One Two…

punch combination

Of this generation

latest sensation to

knockout bad imitations

of rap music.

Once was lost

But now its found

Back to Cali’s solid ground

Homeward Bound


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