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Mount Up Partna'

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Mount up partna’

Lets go gallop valleys of Cali

raise hell with the best of em,

Grand Finale

Low down

underground for so long

but now the moment tells a teller

how the west was won.

Stick em up

Give me your stuff

Listen to a Cawp

O its about to get rough

My trigger finger is a clutz

She Pop off at a moments notice

Locked and loaded

Lives eroded

At that time she exploded.

money in the basket

Avoid the casket

Let me leave

kicking your ass with

these words drastic

Oh so necessary

broke out my minds



My own will

my own time

one fine crime


Frontpage headlines

On the L.A. times.

Not much more to live for

but the thrill I feel

when I seal the deal

at another ordeal.


At the ready

when I say go

I wanna know

The truth foretold

Will you live or will you fold?




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