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Love sick

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

We back together again

Just like the day we began

We on again

Off again

On again



The same

Ol thing for years

Smiles to tears

Year after year

It’s lonely struggle

You and I

Will it continue like this

Until the day I die

Do I love you

No I don’t

Yes I do

This fickle loves sickness

Got my head going in loops

My Mind stoops

To the lowest and lows

And then grows

To the highest of highs that nobody knows.

But only for an instant

Than fizzles out

Bi-weekly consistent

At the onset of silly tiff.

Tick for tack

Every little thing I do

Got you holding back


One step forward

And three huge steps back

We off again

Until we lonely for a mac

Progression is rusting,

Complacency caused my lusting,

Over some sex than cause occasional busting.


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