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Leaps and Bounds

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Leaps and bounds

Hulk like strides

3 miles to the glide

your all I want

your all I need

you succeed

speaking peace upon the family

california nationally.

(Just Jargon)

take my say with the grainiest of salts

rough rouged and raw

broken mineral

minstrel clastic

sentiments embedded

for the fast life

here tomorrow

gone tonight

star light

star bright

everlasting life.

live fast die young

california ones.

son rose in the east

but set in the west

same ol story

since the dawn of time

his stories zest

Deny violence

Until dire sense

RACM CAWP unload

a Pen scroll


Eventual death toll


Some things

need to go

Wrong before ever go right

Left side fist fight


ying and yang

Know both sides

low of low high of high

span of spectrum insight

California nationally

Do we look like niche not to think rationally?

Seldomly seen

lived around

through underground

listening to culture sounds

geo thermal

heat wave bound to sound

a clash of the titans of the

Pacific state conquer her North American plate

wave farewell to the farallon

she’s nearly gone

3 zillion years and counting...

It is not Andrea’s fault,

Earth science is factual

Matter factual

Fact is,

lifes happy when your happier.


leave sadly at the door

for when it is her fault


modern acts sink fast.

all is forgot

whenst beginneth “generation taught.”

new man hue man abused techno rot

lights out lost in time

digital forgot.



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