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Horizontal Landscapes Create

Horizontal landscapes create

Drive pathways of interstate


Pave the way.

Another incorporate city

surrounds LA

58 counties

lone Cali rally


We call “thirty won”.

Three in one

I see A

Angel in LA

The rest incorporates from C

C three alpha the trinity

San Di LA San Fran

I ran south to north

And everywhere in-between

Lines drawn by the American Hastings.

Highest of highs

lowest of lows

she travels the extreme

Whitney told us so.

She looks… nearby

at Death Valley on bended knee,

begging for new life

wanting to share a need.

correct a corruption

ailing at the core of cornered countrymen


Humble man Noble man


Try to get anywhere he can

As fast as he can

All of different origins

In search of our home.

Well phrased in what

wanted to say but . . .

the rest incorporates from C.


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