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I wish a fresh clean slate

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

I wish a fresh clean slate upon my big blue plate

to be better

well centered not a censored disgrace.

a clean Cawpy


Critter figure easily triggered

To Scribble up all over

LA marquis

I cause jot to what cost?

Pay up and plot crops

Of weather resistant thoughts

into the rocks

Whatever I gotta do

To convey the truth

Let me tell you...

I m a loser

I killer

A body abuser

A stealer

A dealer

A clitoris screwer

at last

I know now trial tribulation past.

, alas

I now know why I did back then,

living life fast forms

a necessital cleanse

words really matter?

rhetorical blather

come up with a solution

while I care for an American chapter

My dream

My mission

My utopian vision

I look into mirrors and beam reflections of a burning star,


humble state city warrior


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