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Quick to Label

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

I was quick to label us friends for life

Turned my back and felt the pricking of a knife.

You dug it in real deep and slow like

Twisting it clockwise

waiting and want for my scream to arise

You want the credit

You want the glory

Feelings of doubt got your mind lost in purgatory.

It was HU who altered his story

Entranced in a zirconium diamond mine quarry.

Fake sparkle

Greedy Gleam in your eye


you try

you've always been a shady guy.

You’re a guy who relies on more “Stuff”

To get your grubby hands on. . . that plan lost…

you missed the real diamonds in the rough.

Self absorbed

In the prisoners ward

Connected by devils mothers umbilical cord.

Unsheathe thy sword

Ask help from a lord…

Killing a cause is a price

We can’t afford

In my face

The bond that you and I create

Makes malvado


Whether flavor is something that they want to taste.

three part this

One part of that

3 : 1 ratio

Makes chemicals react;

I back pedal to the level of trust vs. the devil

To ration whether the rebel inside

Can rationalize

Patterns of life

Walks of life

Within obstacles that paralyze.

The cunning and conniving CAWP killer.

Disguised in sheep’s clothing

Mind set Eroding

And breaking apart


My passion

My vision

My unique intuition

Piloted to heart to spark

Combustible trigger to react a start.

Possess that energy

Propel like a dart

Accuracy excels into a prejudice heart.

It was my mistake to trust you so quickly

Without assessing and unveiling a soul so sickly.

Tainted by the wants of power and wealth

It was you without help to commit war that was felt.

Cold-blooded callous and corrupt

Flow slow like molasses

Surfaces sold as the catalyst

To make a heart pump




Sound off an empty thump.

The reason

For aching mornings

Waking up feeling as a chump.

How Does it feel to conceal that feeling?


Stale bread broken by guilt that’s building.

Wear your heart out on your sleeve

In front of me;

But behind closed doors

Black windowswebs of lies all weaved;

A picture perfect portrayal of deceit

A scam

The sham

Phony proponent of the land



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