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How can I Express, Los Angeles...

Updated: Oct 19

(hook) patience is a virtue unbeknown to most; on the west coast. (hook)

How can I express Los Angeles

Blessed city of progress but nevertheless

In excess.

Extremist attitude “all or nothing”

The tone “Go big or go home”

and thats got to tell you something.

I love it and never will leave it

Im bleeding the constant season

Of sun shine coupled with rhymn and reason.

But it aint easy…

Cuz everyones a star rolling in their car trying to sell

Their Memoir

His Story just like mine

In time

he will find

That its best to

Followa followa sign

keep rapping and in time

you ll find

a meaning to

this cytoplasmic universal rhyme

Body is self

Spirit the trinity

Seen through your eyes

one main competency

my story

his story

part of you part of me

one CaliCulti community

multiculti history

all of different origins

in search of a home . . .

(hook) don’t let it all fall a part. don’t let it all fall a part. don’t let it all fall a part (hook

specialized beings

cornering the crest

“ a progressive trend”

O mighty specialist

I specialized I say

Well said well phrased

Poetical justical clay

Bonds bold hard


cooled at the core of cornered countrymen,

Over and over again

extreme left

extreme right

know both sides


what's right for you.

oh yes, Los Angeles.

. . .


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