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Honey , is everything all right

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

I woke up in a cold hard sweat in the middle of the night

Saw cars creeping by my back side window light.

<LOVER> “Honey, is everything all right?”

Baby set your head down low

over pillow

Tuck your body under the covers tight,

its getting cold.

A lotta drama poppin off in the street

Wont let time for my lady baby to fall asleep

That low down and low

Jus cant take it no mo

So ima grab my rock and settle the sco

step out into the heat

young blood

protect property

and family

from the grudge

outlaw !

stepping out

evil forces all around

what the hell happened to this town

what governed man ran it into the ground

is it you raw rebel

the cawpanator collected to collapse

snap in half like past centuries wrath,

human nature is self destructive,

keep itching that rationale

to swell the part of your brain that’s not gel


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