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Gin Ling Way

“CA"-sians speaking a mighty different tongue.

Love to understand which culture you hail from.

Excuse me

Do you think I can get some?

Dim Sum

Steamin chick buns .

We have the same taste for flavor

Ask the Herbalist

Teas, Roots, spices

makes one a muralist?

Paint a picture of your Chi

Such Traditions Be. . .

Lets “C”


Honor and structure

More specific?

The realist

Called across the Pacific.


reasons I see

Forces and Followers of the

C. A.W. P

Japanese Origami

Fold hate and partiality

Enter peace

Through Chinatowns gate of Filial piety

Gin Ling way

Points forward


Brighter days.

Intricate Ivory

ornaments of art

The Start

Trend and tradition

Your mission

Your part


buried by a sound barrier.

Bury her not.

How? Ummm…

Language bear with me.

Ain’t nuthin scarier

To overcome

Than cultures colliding

On their way to becoming one.


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