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Flashes of Fate

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

I see it,

Flashes of fate

Blind my eyes

It does no use to run

Final destination has begun

What your about to do

is already etched in stone

At the top of mount Cion

In the form of a poem

Serenade society,

Use your weapon

That is verse,

Engage emotion,

Open hearts will immerse

Burst out of your seams

Look in search for the truth

Join the forces of a team

Shed the mindset of a youth

Join the crew

The CAWP corps. of the West

Still many matters

To get off our chest

Question power

As power

Through the humble habits of a pauper,

It was that mixture that made her,

That mixture cannot stop her

Like Minerva

Modest Goddess to the republic

For which she stands,

Listen to the callings

And whispers of her demands.


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