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Find Bam

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Find BAM. . .

<CAWP> So listen up close

Because its DO or DIE

If you want to see tomorrow

Throw your hands in the sky

Don’t cry

Dry your eye

Don’t you even ask why,

There’s a method to my madness

But its on the low

Only ask yourself one question

Are you friend or foe?

<CIVILIAN> Friend!!!

<CAWP> look boys, seems as though we have a friend

Do you thing he speaks ligit or only on pretend?

(get up!!!)

<CIVILIAN> Yest sir!

<CAWP> NO sir,

Don’t you try to kiss my ass

Your not in class

Where the teacher chooses FAIL or PASS!


<CAWP> Who is BAM?

<BAM> I am

Please excuse the sudden burst

But I rather speak my mind before

I roll in a hurst

<CAWP> do you know the crew?

<BAM> sure do

Thought I didn’t have a clue

Overheard some people talking

As I guzzled a brew.

Sat and listened

Started twitching

As I heard the tale

So I gathered up my bags

And headed straight for the vale.

<CAWP> (hahaha) we know

Really no need to explain

Overheard from local peeps

You were against the grain.

Welcome in

Hope that you go straight to the top

Because there’s not a greater feeling

Than of being a CAWP.


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