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Die Nasty

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Do you know

that figure

Allen Poe

Whom forever said that famous word


came knocking at my chamber door


can explore

between the crook and cranny cracks

Of the profane

Its interesting

How rowdy silence can get

While we listen to sweat

Dripping off your thumping chest

it crept up on ya,

we mean the past.

Crept fast

Who ever thought this childhood disagreement would last?

In a moment

wrong move

Wrong time

In doom is a lesson to find.

Spice of life

Sprinkle specs

In-pressed in granular tests

To which manifest

Your holy sacrament.


and bad

all of the above

Ying and Yang

Bonded by Love


Things need to go wrong

Before they ever go right.

How would you know?

A priori

Die nasty blood code.

At the train tracks

Trig her switch to change course

Toward another direction of the port

It doesn’t go here

You don’t

Belong here

Stay clear

I’m within my right to fight.

Fire with fire

Fear with fear

I told you not to come near

Step back

Before I interfere

My hobby is to lobby that bourgeoisie calling me

A mean and misconception

In another direction

Another blessing

in beaten disguise

the tipping point tocked

for a timeless time

ticked off

Looped and labeled as genuine

A timeline

Sinking while sunk like Poseidon

In time tritons quake storm bend

falling over and over

Bad habitants

drowned out amends.

Free from trends

Free from worldly loose ends

Suspended from rat race reality at the end

I am free.


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