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Crystal Cole Mining

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Crystal Cole mining has its timing.

Over time, when rocks compress,

The stress press’

Beauty into a gem

North South East West

far and wide

side to side

Bottom base to pinnacle crest

We live in the west

Where everything is big time

It might be bigger in Texas

Bigger linger longer waste time

Same ol story it’s the same ol story

Minds lost in purgatory

What’s the answer,

To a metastasizing social cancer

human condition

unable to learn and listen

from the message of the crucifixion

Take it for grains

Devour the sweet cane

Truth be told…

We be earth and earth be us

All of us

Callin us

Homologous . . .



the core of cornered countrymen.


a winning hand


Destiny reign’s .

Invest your own name


All sound.

All solid.

All you.

Are you happy with the world of now

Not me

I cant see how. . .

Up and down every road

With a story scrolled

Solar power can shower bright insight

In the day but at night we

Froze stall-lag-mites

Moon bright

Feel the power of the son

Pullin gravity upon one

Pushing evenly into



Acid Rain shower weapon

threaten death

like Smith & Wesson


Pour paradigm unthunk

Watch it plunk into the mental pool

Splish splash sunk

wash away imbedded roots.


What you going to do

when they tell you...

Speak to pop off the scotch

Lock stock and a few barrels

Cock back

And talk

Real whisky

Makes your frisky

Not to mention tipsy.


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