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Cease to Believe

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Pac it up

Rac it up

Send it to LA and cut

cellophane strip

trend split



rare gift

under raps

Cut hard

Sur charge

By freight

Weight in pounds

Punch sounds harder

than my neighbor

a State farm is here.

California Clear.

California Pride

Word Premiere.

RacM reside by

Claro drive

Pull into the nut house

LA county pride nutty

3 boundaries meet


trip counties

connect we

so I can see

a little part of you

a little part of me

California unity.

58 counties

speak proudly


Starting since 03

I believe

the start of liars in DC

forever for all of times…please…

Cease to believe REPUB

from texas

one who got us in this mess

by claiming nuclear weapons.

Who found them?

Where they be?

Where they at?

What was the reason to spark this murderous attack?

My lack of foreign affairs is obvious

no papers to my profile

don't fear this lobbyist.

Oil Craze

Spoiled Phase

Tycoon reckloose

Coiled snake

Worldly region paint

bigger picture being drawn.

Cease to believe REPUB

From New York

Whose rouse coursed

A scene



Trecking up the hill

trying to reach a benchmark

where he can rest his weary bones

at long last. Fuck the rest of them.


Keep on trekking

My weapon in weakness

Speaking to meeker men

Timed and tired living "test a men"

Your bed

Your lie

Position crucial catalyst

Good night

Fare thee well

Bring me men to match intelligence.

Men to match my mountains.

Rac M up rac M up

Rac up the soldiers for what? To Give to the community

To Show a little unity

To show the world who truly be

C. A. W. P.

pride in state

the powers that be

purpose of people

California civility

Power of the people

Eyes and ears of common men.

calling all CAWP


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