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I wasn’t born in a rural part of town

The type of place that always trys to keep somebody down.

A little blessed at birth

I was placed here on this turf

Building thought as I gazed out at the surf.

Not quite yet a man

I stumbled on this plan

That might give my fellow-man the upperhand.

Rise up, rise up

Get off your butt

Change that image of a mutt

That they gave to you.

You have one life to live

Care about yourself before you give

That’s the only way to make it in this place.

Want to get there nice and speedy

Learn to be a little greedy

Bypass all those times to stop

And help the needy

Take, take, but make no mistake

That behavior makes the saviours

Good heart break.

Now you have it

Go and grab it

Spread the word

Go out and tell it

I’m a saint for giving all this good advice.

That’s the American way

Don’t like it, don’t stay

Find yourself a better way

To gain some pay. . .



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