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1 2 3 Will Set U Free

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

1 2 3

Will set you free

The needy beat of “champions”?

Go smoke your weedies

Sampson said there’ll be daze like these

There’ll be daze like these

Sir Sampson said

Listen up!

attention has been caught

flip to the next meaning

Before your attention turns rot


Between the tangibles of your eardrum

dumb diddy dumb dumb

clue clum


plus one

is the sum

Alter ego submersed

Under the consciousness of your subconsciousness

Hit and miss

Oh what a whiff

Strike two

You lost this.

Sober living

Is in me


Concentrated confusion

Without pattern or meaning.

Search and destroy

While I toy with your being.

So ill say these few things…

Clue clux kalluminati

Illuminates the smell of raggati


Rice a roni is beyond me

For all who do not know me

I’ll be by your side

Holding the luck of 13

Don’t be a fried by the aroma

Of my burping

Bumbling idiot

Reading the writ of passage

Secret society of the masses

Dissected dialect for the specialist

To digest

A show at 8:33

Your a pee ‘ n on my nuts

Oh how I missed her

Colmar Speak’ n

Triple deek’n

Past 3 defenders

I surrender

At the moment Im about to get her ultimate pleasure.

Don’t need it!

Feed it to the dogs for all I care

I’m aware

Of the emotion that verbal verse can share

Palm that tree into your fingertips

Distance permits the meek to be mighty

Flighty fulcrum

Dim Sum

Communicate to the state

Of salliemae


Don’t let

Debt become the process of man

Indebted to you all

Until I finally sprawl

Arms and legs spread out to hyperextension

Subjection read to hypo-allergenic connection

Phase 3

Tied 2’gether with apostrophe

‘ S

is the best

way to symbol sound out of the singular


comma-cal way to the future

through 0’s and 1’s

kinetic coding claims

the internet won.

Sew sun. . . I’m done


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