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What where you thinking

What where you thinkin


That poison from a bottle?


Liquid courage gotcha speeding full throttle

Down the five

Feelin alive

Takin a dive

Into a ditch

You dead . . .

the med said twas

One fatal blow to the head

as you bled

That bloody red

made your family shed



Not to mention your peers

Who really knew you best

followed you through the years

in my heart and in rest

I digress

I place my bloody hands upon your chest

Born bred blood red of human flesh

I hope you feel OUR caress?


Mindset West

life or death

You never leave our family


Things need to go wrong

Before they ever go right

Struggle of the left side fist fight

Belief in the cause

visions simple and true

a crew who . . .

With the ferocity of a grizzly bear

We give the stare

Promote free rights in ways

That no other can compare

Be aware

An opponents hair goes straight

While he awaits the certain fate

Is at stake

with one, two , three many mistakes

He’s a pleading and a sobering wondering if he’ll reach cali’s golden gate

The clock goes tick and tock

Better find that double cross

luck running out

your defeated to a cawp.

A nervous poet lights…

We have a need

Will I have the speed

In which we can succeed

To launch a new campaign

Before we finish the game

And cause pain

Acting as the hub

To teach the new-born cubs

Patience of an inevitability

patterend centuries before us

As you stop in front of a mirror

Focusing on every little hair that turns grey

Puddles of clear tears lay the wave. Reflecting on all the wounded moments that the

Good lord gave

I’d rather had him try it on me

Before it lingers for weaks.

Love creeps everlasting. . .


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