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Stop Lying to Me

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Stop lying to me

what happened to the economy?

Once was boss

and now we bound

to dire straights and

everyone can relate.

I have a hunch that the big men

Don’t feel the crunch.

And all the while

I struggle to bunch pile pennies for my lunch.

Gas prices got me closed in

Food prices got me starvin

Cost of living through the roof

Now I’m borrowing

Trying to stay afloat by any means

Moneys so tight

every night

clasped asphyxiation constricts the foresight

I’m willing to work and work hard I will

But still

No work to deal

No work got me standing still

Willing to work for next to nothing

Just throw me a rope

Show me something


I’m trying and trying

crying on the inside

so preoccupied

my tears have dried.

Take out our options?

We in a recession

Which possesses our life

I do what I can to survive

I try.

Nothing ever good enough

To get out of this rut

I stay positive through my music

But believe me times are tough

If it isn’t one thing its another

brother o brother


for what?

I understand I’m not free from responsibility

Accountability is in me

But I am flexibility

Good and Bad so Rad

decisions of mine

made in haste

But what type of place

Ruins you after one two three many mistakes

No job no healthcare

No healthcare no healthy living

Falling deeper and deeper in that wormhole.

I accept the school-like concept the world

Fed me.

accrue all that debt and spend a lifetime

trying to reset

The life that everyone said

would be the easiest

Food that’s good for you cost more

I eat artificial cuz that’s all I can afford

Cooped up around my block

And all there is around me

Is a fast food nation killing me slow.

I pay taxes like the rest of them.


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