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Antenna And Wave Propagation Bakshi Ebook 194

Antenna and Wave Propagation Bakshi Ebook 194

Antenna and Wave Propagation is a comprehensive book on the principles and applications of antennas and wave propagation. It is written by U.A. Bakshi, A.V.Bakshi, Mrs.Smita M.Ingawale, MRS D. JAYAMANI LATHA, and MRS. M. MANJU, who are experts in the field of electronics and communication engineering. The book covers topics such as electromagnetic radiation and antenna fundamentals, wire antennas and antenna arrays, aperture antennas, special antennas and antenna measurements, and radio wave propagation. It also includes numerous solved examples, diagrams, tables, and exercises to enhance the understanding of the concepts.

antenna and wave propagation bakshi ebook 194

The book is available as an ebook on, where it has received positive reviews from the readers. One of the reviewers said, "This book is very useful for students who are preparing for competitive exams like GATE, ESE, etc. It covers all the topics in a simple and lucid manner. The diagrams are clear and the explanations are easy to follow. The book also has a good number of numerical problems for practice." Another reviewer said, "This is one of the best books on antenna and wave propagation. It has a lot of theory as well as practical aspects. The authors have explained the concepts very well with examples and illustrations. The book is also updated with the latest developments in the field."

The book is also listed on OpenSea, which is the largest NFT marketplace for crypto collectibles and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). NFTs are unique digital items that can be bought, sold, and discovered on OpenSea. The book is part of a collection called "Antenna And Wave Propagation Bakshi Ebook 194", which has 10 copies of the ebook as NFTs. Each copy has a different price and rarity, depending on the demand and supply of the market. The buyers can own a digital version of the book that is verified by the blockchain technology and can also resell it on OpenSea or other platforms.

The book is also featured on Goodreads, which is the world's largest site for readers and book recommendations. Goodreads helps people find and share books they love. The book has a rating of 3.58 out of 5 stars based on 43 ratings and 0 reviews. The book also has a summary, a list of editions, and information about the authors on Goodreads. The readers can also add the book to their shelves, rate it, review it, or join discussions about it on Goodreads.

Antenna and Wave Propagation Bakshi Ebook 194 is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn more about antennas and wave propagation. It is a well-written, well-illustrated, and well-reviewed book that covers both theoretical and practical aspects of the subject. It is also a unique digital item that can be owned as an NFT or accessed as an ebook on various platforms.

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